100% Cashmere Handwoven Shawl made by an artisan family in the region of Cachemira. For many generations they have been producing marvelous pashmina shawls as they were traditionally made. Every pashmina is handloom made with a handspinning yarn so the result is a piece of art which you can feel when having it between your hands, it melts like butter. Every piece is unique, and it has been blessed with the gift of color, offered by the pattern designer, a lovely 79 year old indian man. He used to be the family gardenerbut soon they realized he had the talent of mixing the colors of nature, and up until now, he is still creating wonders.

Hippeastrum Handwoven Shawl

  • 100% Cashmere

    • Hand wash
    • Do not leave the garment soaking for a long time
    • Create a loose ball with the wet fabric and gently press it against the side of the basin to release as much water as possible
    • Do not hang the garment because it can deform. Lay the garmen on top of a towel and gently smoothing out all the wrinkles without streching too much the fabric.
    • Iron and keep folded
    • Avoid friction with bags and other objects to not generate lint balls. If they appear, remove them with a special blade.